Signature Talks

Below are three signature talks, which have delivered valuable insights and inspiration to hundreds of individuals and organizations. We recognize that every organization is unique, and that's why we offer the flexibility to customize any of these talks to meet your specific needs, ensuring a truly impactful experience.

Get College-Ready: Win the Admissions Game

College admissions have changed dramatically in the past few years. As acceptance rates plummet and test-optional schools surge, the competition is fierce, and high school students need an edge more than ever! Being college-ready means standing out, mastering real-world skills, and using social media effectively—especially given that most admissions officers now consider it in the application process. This illuminating talk will provide strategies, tools, and actionable tips to succeed in today’s college journey.  


  • Uncover your superpower to build confidence and create a compelling narrative that will leave a lasting impression
  • Learn to manage your online presence and leverage social media to gain an edge  
  • Cultivate real-world skills (e.g., networking, interviewing) to excel in college admissions

Audience: High school students, parents, teachers


From Ordinary to Extraordinary: How to Rise to the Top of Applicant’s Pile

From acing interviews to building professional networks to goal setting, this talk delivers valuable insight for early career professionals.

The session provides practical advice on leveraging online resources and platforms to stay ahead in your career journey. Walk away with actionable skills and the confidence to navigate the working world, setting clear career goals for a prosperous future. After this talk, decision makers take notice of YOU!


  • Learn how to strategically position yourself as an exceptional job candidate
  • Develop meaningful and high-value professional connections to advance your career
  • Hone networking and interviewing skills to supercharge your career prospects and advance your career

Audience: College students, early career, career transitioners


The Power of Effective Communications

In today's fast-paced business landscape, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. Join us as communications expert Stacey Ross Cohen unveils a treasure trove of strategies and tactics aimed at enhancing your presence, amplifying your impact, and strategically positioning yourself for career success and advancement. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to refine your skills and stand out in the competitive world of business.


  • Learn actionable communication skills and etiquette for business
  • Position yourself strategically for career growth
  • Gain practical insights and tools for success in business interactions

Stacey Ross Cohen was a featured panelist at NYU Stern School of Business on Strategic Steps for Growth Info Session.

  • Donald M. Levin

    “Stacey recently spoke before a group of owners of PR firms and was excellent — well prepared, engaging, insightful, articulate, and knowledgeable. The audience was rapt. Several attendees thanked her profusely after the event. I highly recommend her as a speaker before any audience. She is certainly invited back to PRSA!”

    Donald M. Levin
    Fellow, Board Advisor, Public Relations Society of America
  • Luciane Serifovic

    Stacey is genuine, concise, clear and extremely knowledgeable. We couldn’t get enough of her lecture and can’t wait to learn from her again. She made us think BIG and gave us strategies on how to succeed moving forward.

    Luciane Serifovic
    Sales Manager, Douglas Elliman, NYC
  • Luciane Serifovic

    Stacey is genuine, concise, clear and extremely knowledgeable. We couldn’t get enough of her lecture and can’t wait to learn from her again. She made us think BIG and gave us strategies on how to succeed moving forward.

    Luciane Serifovic
    Sales Manager, Douglas Elliman, NYC
  • Gail Kerner

    It is common knowledge that mothers and daughters often disagree on fashion trends, music and, of course, matters of the heart. However, my daughter, a recent college graduate, and I, a practicing attorney for some thirty years, have no disagreement regarding Stacey Cohen’s qualifications as a branding expert! Her insights on communications, PR and marketing resonate with both of us. We wholeheartedly agree that Stacey’s professional guidance is transformative and transcends generations.

    Gail Kerner
    (Cornell Alumni) Cornell Club presentation
  • Kathryn Minckler

    I have had the pleasure of having Stacey participate in two recent Luxury Marketing Council events and each time she was an insightful and dynamic speaker and panel participant. She has an uncanny ability to draw out key issues and interesting facts and then the best in the audience making for a great conversation.

    Kathryn Minckler
    Founder and Chairman of The Luxury Marketing Council of Connecticut/Hudson Valley.
  • Laura Wilson

    Stacey knows her stuff! Presenting to over 30 students, she captivated all with her indispensable, practical advice on how to navigate the maze of personal branding. Students entered the classroom naive about the importance of personal branding but left inspired to go out and position themselves for the future. In dynamic fashion, she made students aware that personal branding is a lifetime process that needs to begin now – in high school. With step-by-step guidance, Stacey showed students how to cultivate their uniqueness, take inventory of their accomplishments, and deliver a clear message online/offline. My students now understand that it is critical to be aware of the message they are putting out and that they need a strategic plan to set themselves apart. Stacey’s eye-opening presentation gave students not only the tools necessary to build their personal brand but also the insight that personal branding is not just for college but for life! High school students NEED Stacey Cohen’s essential advice, and her course should be a requirement for all students. I know her impactful workbook will be front and center in my students’ suitcases as they leave for college.

    Laura Wilson
    CEO, WilsonPrep
  • Alex Garau

    Stacey Cohen presents leading-edge insight into today’s world of business. The seminar I attended on personal branding was extremely helpful and thought-provoking. Alongside offering practical advice, Stacey Cohen was also very attentive towards her audience and its questions. After the seminar, I had the chance to meet her in person and she took time to listen to my goals and offer specific advice geared towards becoming highly competitive in my industry.

    Alex Garau
    Real estate industry
  • Ellen Greenfield

    We were fortunate enough to have Stacey Ross Cohen speak to our Professional Women’s Forum about the importance of Personal Branding. Her engaging, informative and thought -provoking presentation included lots of actionable advice which generated great discussion.

    Ellen Greenfield
    Team Leader, Consumer Engagement, Henkel

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